Monday, April 23, 2007

Sometimes in life there are things that you just don't want to do because of how impossible they seem. I've been dragging my way through a full time job while taking classes at college so I can get my degree. Finally, when I realized that I was sabotaging myself and my success by taking a few classes here and there, I decided to go all out in order to finish. Instead of taking the one or two classes like I usually do, I am taking six this summer. Why does this seem impossible? For one reason I am not cutting any of my hours at work. In fact my hours may increase because of the lack of staffing. The second reason is that I'm a ex-procrastinator who sometimes falls back into his old ways. And because I use to chronically put things (especially difficult things) off until a later date, the classes I'm taking are among the hardest that are required. I hate coming up short in anything I do, and I don't plan on just making it through the semester. I want A's and B's. In order for me to make through this grueling summer I have to remove all distractions. Its also going to require an enormous amount of discipline. Because this is going to be a big step toward my goals in the future I will be posting a series of blog tracking my progress. Three months is a long time especially when you are working every second of it. Class starts May 7 2007. later

Monday, April 2, 2007

Dimples a Defect?

What is it about dimples that people love? There's something about a person with those slight or deep creases on the cheek that makes them more attractive. I was having conversation with a co-worker (who happens to sports a pair of those cheek accents herself) when she told me that a medical professional told her that dimples aren't necessarily inherited. Dimples are sometimes a form of defect in the tissue of the face similar to cellulite. I'm no doctor, but that sounds crazy to me. I searched for some information on the topic to see if i could find something to confirm what she had been told. I couldn't find anything but it made me think, what if dimples were a defect of some sort? I mean in every picture of a cute baby or a perfect smile usually includes some kind of slight indent in the cheek. This would really bring to light the fact that everything that we come across in life is really about perception. We are quick to look at something that happens to us in life and think that since its suppose to be a bad thing, then it must be a bad thing. You lose your job, or girlfriend or boyfriend, or fall on hard times and its the end of the world. But if you perceive them as that, then it may very well be the end. What if dimples are defects? It doesn't change the fact that they are attractive unless you look at them as defects. The next time something that "terrible" happens in your life, think of the person you know with dimples and remember that beauty can come from what is suppose to be defective.