Thursday, November 1, 2007

Driven from Within

This time of year usually makes people wonder where their life is going and what they've done with their life so far. The New Year often forces people to acknowledge that time does not stand still and change is inevitable. I think this is why most people feel compelled to make resolutions for the upcoming year.

Although I think that making a decision to better your life is a good thing, I'm always looking at the purpose behind the decision. Just because a new year has begun is not a good enough reason to change your life. That is why most resolutions fail. January first is not a magical day.

The decision to improve yourself and your life must have purpose behind it. There must be a fire that is burning from within. It is this fire that will keep you going forward throughout the year. If you want to make more money, it shouldn't be because you see how celebrities or your neighbors live and you're trying dress, eat, party, like they do. It is better to focus on what is truly important about having more money like providing better for yourself and your family. Or maybe even being able to help out those who are not as fortunate.

What are you trying to accomplish this year and why do you want to accomplish it.

If You Had No Fear....

What would your life be like if you had no fear? There are a number of things that we should be afraid of as humans. But there so many more things we shouldn't be afraid. It's funny how we choose to let the things we shouldn't be afraid of run our lives.

It is the little things that cause worry and doubt that have us crippled. It is the pondering of what may or may not happen that governs our lives. The reality is that the mental tug of war we have with our fears, usually ends with us laying face down in the mud of disappointment. Whenever a fearful situation presents itself, how do you react. When your faith is tested, how do you react? How often do you question what you are made of? How often do you look at the fear inside you?

The key is to strengthen our resolve and face our fear. In order to minimize what fear does to our hopes, skills, abilities, and aspirations, we must first decide to take on that fear, understand that fear is created by us, and then attack the fear with the intention of dissolving it's debilitating effects. Are you ready to face your fear factor?

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