Sunday, December 9, 2007

Greater Purpose

We often go through life attempting to make good use of the time we've been given on this earth. Many people have different views on what life is supposed to be. The way you live your life is depended upon what you think the purpose of your life is.

Outlook + Actions = Outcome

The outlook on your life will determine your actions and your actions will determine your outcome. Those who are not mindful of what they believe and what they do, will be at the mercy of their circumstances. That is to say that if your outlook on life is that you are here on earth for no particular reason, and there is nothing special about you, then you will act as though you life is purposeless. Then, after years of living your life like it is purposeless, you will end up with a life that is fruitless.

I personally believe we were created for many purposes. An individual is responsible for carrying out their specific purpose in their own lives. Nobody else is accountable for what you do with your life. Regardless of how you were raised or who you hang out with, you are responsible for your life and liable for your decisions. The lack of owning up to your actions and decisions shows lack of clarity of that person's purposes.

A Greater Purpose

I think there is a bit of confusion between what skill a person is exceptional in and what that person's purpose is. Bill Gates is worth about 54 billion dollars. He is leaving about $10 million dollars to each of his children when he dies. The rest is going to charitable organizations. So what is Bill Gates's purpose in life? Is it to develop computer programs that make it easier for me to create spreadsheets or is it to help millions of people by giving of from what he was given?

There are so many different explanations people have for the human race and why we even exist. From psychics to scientist, people have their own beliefs on what humans beings are doing on earth. I don't claim to have all the answers and I don't trust any scientist, theologian, sage, or mystic that tries to convince me that they know everything about humans and the universe.

I fall under the category of believing that there is a God who has set this universe into motion and still sustains this universe's existence. We are still responsible for our actions and decisions. We as humans have the free will to choose what path to follow. But it is hard for me to doubt the possibility of there being a greater purpose. A purpose beyond what we as humans can imagine and may not see in our lifetime.

This is why it is important that to start seeking and understanding your purpose. You should never be complacent about your existence and your purpose. You are here for a reason. There is much more to you than you may have even realized. The sooner you can first acknowledge that fact and start seeking your purpose, the more you will be in control of actions thus influencing your outcome. It is up to you to decide. Choose wisely.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Driven from Within

This time of year usually makes people wonder where their life is going and what they've done with their life so far. The New Year often forces people to acknowledge that time does not stand still and change is inevitable. I think this is why most people feel compelled to make resolutions for the upcoming year.

Although I think that making a decision to better your life is a good thing, I'm always looking at the purpose behind the decision. Just because a new year has begun is not a good enough reason to change your life. That is why most resolutions fail. January first is not a magical day.

The decision to improve yourself and your life must have purpose behind it. There must be a fire that is burning from within. It is this fire that will keep you going forward throughout the year. If you want to make more money, it shouldn't be because you see how celebrities or your neighbors live and you're trying dress, eat, party, like they do. It is better to focus on what is truly important about having more money like providing better for yourself and your family. Or maybe even being able to help out those who are not as fortunate.

What are you trying to accomplish this year and why do you want to accomplish it.

If You Had No Fear....

What would your life be like if you had no fear? There are a number of things that we should be afraid of as humans. But there so many more things we shouldn't be afraid. It's funny how we choose to let the things we shouldn't be afraid of run our lives.

It is the little things that cause worry and doubt that have us crippled. It is the pondering of what may or may not happen that governs our lives. The reality is that the mental tug of war we have with our fears, usually ends with us laying face down in the mud of disappointment. Whenever a fearful situation presents itself, how do you react. When your faith is tested, how do you react? How often do you question what you are made of? How often do you look at the fear inside you?

The key is to strengthen our resolve and face our fear. In order to minimize what fear does to our hopes, skills, abilities, and aspirations, we must first decide to take on that fear, understand that fear is created by us, and then attack the fear with the intention of dissolving it's debilitating effects. Are you ready to face your fear factor?

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Daily Clarity

Most of us know or at least have an idea of what we want out of life. The goals can be as simple as getting rid of a bad habit or as major as an entire life change. Either way one of the major obstacles in our way is ourselves and our visions.

Although we can see what we want, and think we deserve it, without true clarity the dream or goal seems unlikely. Why is this? Why is it something that should be achieved seems unattainable sometimes? When this question comes up in my life I review my clarity. My clarity is not only knowing and seeing the finish line, but being prepared and ready to run the race.

There are so many people in the world that know that they want something, but have no idea what they want. Then there are some that know what they want but have know idea how to get there. There are others that know what they want, know how to get there, but don't think they will get what they want. In all cases, clarity should be the focus.

If you know what you want, how clear is the road to your destination? If you leave your house in the morning on your way to work, do you have a good idea how to get there? Now let's say that you are going to take the interstate to your job. You hop on the on-ramp and while driving on the highway you see that there is a major spill from a tanker and there is no getting through. What do you do?

Do you stop the car and not go to work? The only logical thing to do is get of the highway and find another road. While you are on that new road do you anticipate another tanker on the back roads to your job? Of course not. And even by some twisted series of events that lead to another road blockage, you would still try to find another road.

So why is this not the case with our goals and dreams? Why do we fail to map out a road to our goals with clarity? Why do we not look at an obstacle and find another way to reach our destination? When you set a goal and decide to go after a dream, daily clarity is important. Everyday the road to what you want should be as clear to you as the road to any physical destination. You must be able to know the turns, maneuver around obstacles.

If you have a long term goal, ask yourself every morning "what am I going to do today to get me there?" And every morning have an answer to that question. A successful life is just a bunch of successful days in a row. Gain daily clarity about your dreams and what you can do to make the dreams a reality.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Action for Business Success

The week of action is going good for me. How's it going for you? I'm getting so much done I might keep this the theme for next week also. I have a few articles that I may put on my site or I may submit them to other publications. Right now I'm leaning towards submitting to other websites and newsletters. I do have some good ones that will undoubtedly go on my site because I really want my returning visitors to benefit from them. Here is another really good article that has to do with taking action when starting a business. Number 9 is the point about action and it is a good example of how important action is to success.

Article courtesy of

If you are in the early stages of starting up a business then you may be experiencing the internal 'fear and doubt' dialogue that can often take place in one's mind. The following 9 Principles will help to release some of this tension...

1. Do What You Love

Ensure that you are in a business that interests you. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be in love with the product or service that you sell; however, you must enjoy aspects of the business otherwise you won't be motivated to give it 100% of your focus. And it will need a lot of your focus and energy, especially in the early stages!To help determine this point, you could ask yourself the following types of questions:* What do you really like to do (in a business sense)?* Are you an ideas or action type of person? Or a bit of both?* In which 20% of your talents do 80% of your results come from?* In other words, where do your key skills lie?It really all boils down to one question though - what are you really passionate about?

2. Niche

Another critical point which goes a long way to determining business success is your Niche. Without exception, the majority of successful business owners I know can tell you in a couple of sentences exactly what it is they love to do and why it has made them wealthy.Without a precise understanding of your Niche your chances for success are greatly diminished. After all, it's very difficult to hit a target which doesn't exist or to win a game when you don't know what it (winning) is.Ask yourself what you are trying to achieve in this business venture:* Do you want to make quick cash?* Do you want to develop and grow a sustainable business?* Are you interested in high cash-flow or developing assets? Or both?* Do you have BIG aspirations or are you just looking to develop a hobby for some part-time cash?Keep in mind that your Niche can always be adapted down the track if your situation or the market changes.

3. Leverage

You need to become a master of Leverage. It is one of the most powerful principles in business. Everyone who is successful in business and life uses Leverage in some way.To use the concept of Leverage you need to continually examine how you can access other people's skill, resources and money more effectively. Furthermore, consider less obvious assets in business such as systems, marketing and time.Leverage is about duplicating a high-value item or skill at a lower cost.I will explore this topic in depth in future articles; however, at this point it is important to remember the following points:* Focus on Money-Making activities* Delegate to others as much as possible By doing this you will see an immediate increase in your ability to work 'on' your business, rather than getting stuck 'in' the day to day running of it.Lateral Thinking shares an implicit relationship with Leverage...

4. Lateral Thinking

This is the concept of looking at things from a different point of view. You can increase profits significantly by doing simple things to "Add Value" in ways that others are not.In other words, continually look at your business and ask yourself questions such as:* How can we do, what we do, better?* What do our clients want that they are not getting currently?* Could we use affiliate marketing to grow our business?* Do we currently use the internet to effectively market our business?* Could we join forces with another business to cross-promote our products?* Could we use our knowledge to create another product?What I am suggesting here is to take some time out to brainstorm ideas around your business. This is a difficult for most small business owners to achieve because they see this as wasted and unproductive time - nothing could be further from the truth...Some of the most successful companies in the world allow themselves and their employees lateral thinking time - Google and 3M immediately come to mind. Many of Google's most successful products have originated from this process.Now, I'm not suggesting that you have to take 1 day a week (as Google does) to undertake this process - they have high operating margins and therefore significant leverage. However, I would encourage you to consider 'opening you mind' for at least couple of hours each week to explore further opportunities.I am sure that you will find it a valuable and profitable experience if you stick to it!

5. Testing

If you can start your business with a clear idea of how you are going to monitor your systems, resources and assets then you will be well ahead of the pack. When most business owners are confronted with questions about their average transaction value, sales conversion ratios, enquiry and lead generation rates - they come up with varying excuses or reasons as to why they don't know or have this vital information.DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!!You need to be able to calculate your ROI (Return on Investment) for everything that you do on a regular basis.To do this develop a set of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that are appropriate for your business - don't go overboard - just focus on the information that you need. Remember that 80% of your results come from 20% of your activities! The key is to discover the 20% and keep improving them...The other benefit of testing is that it encourages us to recognise mistakes and move on - this is a vital part of the growth process. Without action, mistakes and growth we stagnate and/or wither at the vine!

6. Efficiency

Hard work doesn't guarantee success or profits - look at how wealth is apportioned in the world and this soon becomes apparent - 80% of the wealth is controlled by less than 10% of the population.Personally, it took a long time for this penny to drop! The first business I owned was really just a job in disguise. I was caught in a trap that confronts many small business owners - working IN the business, rather than ON the business.This is a critical distinction...If significant profits and growth are what you desire, then it is critical that you become efficient and develop systems that will allow your business to work for you and not the other way around.There is one key concept to remember when implementing anything...

7. Lag

Lag is the concept that you 'reap what you sew'. In other words, if you follow the principles suggested here and persist - you will succeed!However, your business life is going to provide you with numerous challenges and obstacles to overcome. The biggest difference between successful people and the rest is that successful people look at upsets as a chance to grow and learn rather than as failure.When confronted by a setback, rather than giving into fear and quitting you must continue to persist. Why? Because if your principles are sound, all you have to do is keep adjusting your methodology until you have a formula for success.You will have a much greater chance of success in business if you keep the principle of Lag in the back of your mind, stay focused and never give up!

8. Timing

Timing is an essential aspect of business ownership. It also shares a close bond with decision-making and action-taking. If you continually use Lateral Thinking and Testing then you will certainly discover further opportunities. The key to successfully implementing and taking advantage of these opportunities is Timing.As the old sayings go:If you wait too long, you may miss the boat... (e.g. someone else capitalizes)If you jump right in you may get your fingers burnt... (e.g. misjudged market enthusiasm)You need to find a middle ground when it comes to Timing, because it is very difficult to time things perfectly. Combine focused analysis, gut feeling, enthusiasm and decision making together and you will be well on the way to mastering Timing and the next Principle...

9. Action

Successful business owners are Masters of Action. They know that Action always beats inaction. They understand that it is better to try, make a mistake, refine and re-implement than to do nothing at all. That's because in business:INACTION = A SLOW DEATH Unsuccessful business owners are Masters of Excuses. Fear provides them with an endless stream of seemingly logical reasons why they shouldn't act.You need to make a decision right now - will you accept as doctrine your negative internal dialogue and the nay-sayers - or will you take chances and trust your experience?I would suggest the latter...To take Action, it is critical that you take responsibility for your situation. If you are not where you want to be, then justifying or laying blame on others will not solve the situation - it will just add fuel to your negative mindset.A better way to respond is to focus on 'the gap' - the 20% of activities in your business (or life) that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. Goal setting is one of the best ways to define the 'gap' and taking Action is the best way to reduce it.

CONCLUSION: The most important Principle is that you should love what you do - passion and attitude will play a large part in defining your success in business. Therefore, ensure that you find a Niche that you are comfortable with. Apply the Principles outlined here, define your own rules and goals, and you will be well on the way to creating a successful and profitable business.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kicking off the Week of Action.

This week's focus is on action when reaching for success. I think that taking action is so important if you want to achieve anything. Many people are riding Law of Attraction wave of making things possible by just thinking it is possible. The book and movie called The Secret brought this idea into the mainstream. Logic won't allow me to believe that all you have to do is think it and success will happen by itself, but I do buy many of the concepts of the Law of Attraction. Hear is an article courtesy of I like many of the points that are made and I think it'll help set the tone for the upcoming post this week.

written by Jon Mercer
As a Law of Attraction coach, I'm often asked: "Do I need to take action to attract what I desire into my life? And if so, what is the role of action in the process of creating my life?

"The concept of "taking action" is a big stumbling block for many people trying to using the Law of Attraction, and I too have struggled with this from time to time.

I believe the definitive answer to these questions can be found in Wallace Wattle's classic book from 1906, "The Science of Getting Rich."Wattles believed that the "advancing person" needed to conduct their affairs in what he termed, "The Certain Way" in order to manifest their desires. This "Certain Way" involved taking efficient action for the betterment of all mankind, not just the individual. It also required acting with a hard-nosed faith that what you are seeking is also seeking you. In other words, you must act from a mindset of faith, and never from a mindset of lack or limitation.

A basic overview of Wallace's points:

1. Your action can never be to take what you want from another. The desire for "more life" is inherent in all of nature, and your actions should reflect this truth. To this end, competition is strictly forbidden. You never compete with another for what you want, but instead, create abundance in your life, by acting with faith and purpose.

2. You must give the "impression of increase" in all your actions and dealing with others. The means that you must display an attitude of abundance, that you are increasing your lot in life, and give this impression to all. It is not necessary to do this with words-your strongly held faith in your advancement will clearly shine through.

3. You must never do tomorrow's work today or feel that you must rush or struggle in any way. Doing so will bring you into a mindset of lack and limitation (rushing assumes a lack of time, for example). Assume that the universe is friendly to your plans (it is!), and that no rush or struggle is ever necessary (it's not)

.4. Success breeds success, while failure only breeds failure. It is critical that any action you take is a "successful action." It does not matter how difficult or easy the task is, what is important is that you do it in a perfectly successful way. Even trivial tasks, like washing the dishes, need to be focused upon and completed successfully. These "trivial" successes form a "pattern of success" which will become your standard operating procedure. As Wallace Wattles put it: "When the majority of your actions are successful, you will be successful."

5. Take inspired action. Those intuitive 'nudges" from within are there for a purpose. Learn to act on your impulses and intuitions. Most of the time your gut instincts will be correct. Learn to trust them and act upon them quickly. "Strike while the iron is hot.

"6. "Life gives to the givers, and takes from the takers." If you want more in your life, start thinking about how you can give more. The more of yourself you can offer to the world, the more you will be rewarded. "How can I serve?" is a great mantra to have if you want to attract great wealth into your life. Understanding this principle has personally changed my life and my finances incredibly. I highly recommend it.

Jon Mercer (PDC) is a Law of Attraction coach and author.

Article Source:

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Money Matters

When they show an image of a stack of 100 dollar bills with "Win $25,000" under it, it grabs people's attention. But is it the stack of newly printed bills that people are intrigued by? Or is it what that stack represents? The thoughts that go through our heads are thoughts of what we would do with all that money. I can remember when we were young and we use to play Monopoly. When those brightly colored fake bills circulated around the group, without fail, there was always one person that would say "man if this money was real I would....". Money is a means to whatever life someone wants to live. Money can create cars, houses, clothes, and girls for most people. It can also create lies, cheaters, thieves and war. Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Roosevelt, and Benjamin have no power of their own; in the right or wrong hands, money means the world.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

If it bleeds, it leads: Why does "drama" sell?

We've all watched Jerry Springer and Maury Polvich before and said, "she is so stupid; how could she not know who the father is?" or "Why is she staying with him after he did that?" Whether it relates to our lives or not we are drawn to drama. The type of drama that we are attracted to tells us a lot about our own lives.

Some people use drama as an escape from their lives. They see their own everyday life as unexciting and use the happening of others as their dose of drama. Other people can not live without drama. They grew up around it at home, took it with them to school, and haul it into their relationships. I knew a girl that was determined to have drama in her life whether she wanted it or not. If things in her life were going to well, she would always act out in some way and that would eventually cause drama or a conflict.

Then there are the folks who use other people's misfortunes to make their lives seem better. The idea is if I watch someone else's messed up life on TV, then my life isn't so bad. The worse the situation the easier it is to say, "man, his life is a train wreck. I couldn't live my life like that." Yeah, you probably couldn't so it's easier to watch.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What I learned on my vacation

I just had a week vacation and I feel like a new man. I really am the type to use every experience and a learning opportunity. Although I decided not to go far, I used the time I had to get away from my old routine of working late on articles, updates, and links and fell into a habit of trying new things, connecting with old friends and meeting new people. Here are some things that I learned on my vacation.

College Football is better than the NFL
The last two weekend afternoons of my vacation were spent watching a ton of football. I’m a big college basketball fan but when it comes to football I’ve always preferred the NFL. Not anymore. I’ve been to a number of college football games and the excitement is great but on TV I’ve always liked the fact that the NFL had personalities and stories that a fan could tie into their viewing. It wasn’t until this past week that I realized how much I liked the college stories and history more than the pro’s. The Notre Dame losing streak interest me more than the Patriots cheating scandal (mostly because I don’t like Notre Dame). Now I here that the NFL is saying the cheerleaders are a distraction. That’s not good marketing NFL.

I need to update my wardrobe twice a year
I never go on shopping sprees. If I’m in a store and I like a shirt I’ll buy it. Earlier this year I bought a number of dress and polo shirts that I liked. After I packed I felt that I made some good selections on the outfits that I picked out to take with me. But when I got to the suite I realized that my taste in clothes has already changed. I made plans to hang out with some friends on Monday night and remember looking in the mirror with confusion thinking “is there something wrong with this mirror?” Then I realized that it wasn’t the mirror it was me. The dress shirts were fine but I no longer liked the polo shirts fits or their designs. I believe in presenting yourself how you want others to perceive you so in order to send the right message I need to make sure I feel good in the clothes that I have on.

Weight gain sneaks up on me
I knew my diet wasn’t that good the past two weeks but I didn’t see any change in my weight until a few days ago. I skipped my weekly workout routine during my vacation but I’m back on it starting today (maybe tomorrow).

O.J. Simpson is an idiot
Are you serious, O.J.?

I haven’t lost sight of my goals and now I have new ones I want to accomplish (plus I gotta lose this vacation weight). Some time off did me some good and now I’m ready to finish the year strong.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Benefits of Deep Breathing

What if I told you that there was a way you can relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and have more energy would you be interested? No, I'm not talking about a new hard to pronounce prescription drug with a seemingly endless list of morbid side effects. I'm referring to the practice of deep breathing. This often overlooked method of health optimization is one of the easiest and best exercises you can do for yourself. In addition to stress and anxiety reduction, deep breathing may also lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate. Your brain also benefits from your deep breathing. The more oxygen that is allowed to enter your brain through the blood, the clearer your thinking will be. Deep breaths help relieve your fight or fight instincts so that you can clearly think during high stress situations. Here are a few types of breathing exercises you can perform at any time.

Counting Breaths
This exercise requires you to sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight, head forward, and eyes closed. Breathe in naturally and count "one" when you exhale. Breathe in again naturally and then count "two" as you exhale again and continue on until you reach a five count. Do this for about 10 minutes and if done correctly, you should come out of it with a clearer head due to a change in brain activity.

Chest and Abdominal Breathing
This exercise will help you become more aware of your breathing. Start by lying on your back and placing one hand on your abdominal and one hand on your chest. Take a deep breath through your nostrils with the focus on keeping your chest still and filling your belly with air. This will help you learn to breath through your diaphragm.

Short Breaths
This is a quick breathing technique that begins with you inhaling three short breaths through the nostrils and then exhaling smoothly through the mouth. Ten to twelve breaths in 2-3 minutes should be enough gain the full benefits of this exercise.
It is amazing sometimes how a simple thing such as breathing can have a positive effect on our bodies and minds. You can feel better by doing some of these exercises daily and you don't have to worry about dealing with negative side effects.

Friday, September 21, 2007

What money means

Most people watch TV shows like Cribs or How I'm Livin' and wish they could have money like the rich and famous. We assume that having money is having it all. We see how easily these stars can throw around money and get whatever they want and we think that being rich is about buying the most jewelery, cloths, and houses. I had to question what I was seeing a few years back and realized that they aren't as rich as they are made out to be. Forbes magazine published an issue recently that confirmed my suspicion that the "rich and famous" are not really that rich at all. When looking at all the billionaires in the U.S., there were only 3 that were in the entertainment industry on the list of about 200. Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Oprah Winfrey. And all of them were near the bottom of the list. The really rich don't flaunt it around or stand around waiting for people to take their picture. I don't think we will be seeing the MTV Cribs episode of Warren Buffet.

So what is money really? If the people we see everyday on the news and magazines are rich, why do we want to be just like them? The reality is that the "rich" we see in the media doesn't equal power, it equals perks. The designer clothes and VIP rooms and the latest electronics are seen to the masses as what it means to be rich. Wealth is a culmination of a solid foundation which may include money. I curious how long it will take for people to realize that there is more to having money than just having the latest whatever. Billionaires run the country not millionaires. Billionaires don't waste most of their money on entertainment and image. They reinvest their money. THAT'S WHY THEY ARE BILLIONAIRES NOT MILLIONAIRES. As soon as people in general can begin to shift their thinking in the billionaire mentality instead of the the millionaire mentality the sooner we will see a shift in society when it comes to money..

Monday, September 17, 2007

Grasping a second chance in life

Heavy on the mind and the heart is the feeling of failure, inadequacy, or disappointment. No matter the circumstances we all experience the same symptoms. Your mind questions the outcome and reenacts your short comings. Then the questions of "Why me" and the statements of "If only I'd..." frequently visit your thoughts with wishes and prayers quickly following. But the second chance is possible and the opportunities for it are everywhere. The key to grasping the second chance is to learn from your past, create new habits and practices, and finally, help others get a second chance in life.

Whenever a failure happens in someone's life the blow can be crushing. We tend to lean towards blame after realizing that our dreams, hopes, trust, or expectations have turned into sand in the palm of our hands. Blaming others or blaming ourselves. With all of this emotional and mental conflict, how can someone begin to turn things around?

First, you must start with an understanding of how you got to the place you are. There are two types of failures. The ones that you could've prevented and the ones you could do nothing about. The first type is seen all of the time in sports. The time Isaiah Thomas threw the bad pass that go stolen by Larry Bird. Or what about the "wide right" kick by Florida State when playing The University of Miami. These types of mistakes are common in our everyday lives also. The job or position you should have taken that would have made a difference in your life. Or maybe it was that relationship that ended leaving scars unhealed and questions unanswered. Not finishing school, a missed business investment, time wasted all things that we had control over but somehow did not make the right decision.

Then there are the failures and disappointment that you could not control. It is those times when you put in every ounce of effort that you can muster up and take every precaution to ensure nothing goes wrong. But despite all your hard work and dedication; your business still goes under. You still can't get pass your addiction. Your spouse still decides to leave and start a new life, without you.

Learn to take responsibility for the things that have happened. Be honest with yourself about your bad decisions and actions that have placed you where you are and decide to make a change in order to have a better future. Forgive others for their wrong doing in your life and learn to accept the things you cannot control. Someone once told me that God cannot place a new life in your hands if you are still holding on to the old one. The sooner you can let go, the sooner you can move on.

Next, develop a new you. Take full advantage of the second chance you have been given. If you need to change the way you dress in order to feel better and project a different image than do it. Maybe the way you talk and who you associate with needs to change in order for you to stay focused on your new life. If that's the case, then make those changes. Your atmosphere will be a big part of how successful your new life is. And the habits that you create will outline your new life and enable the healing of the past. Be dedicated to your new life and hold on tightly to the endless possibilities you now have in order to prevent yourself from slipping back into the realm of your past.

The evidence of success will be the ability to help others in their second chance. Somewhere along the way someone is going to need your help, your encouragement, your wisdom and experience. You may be the example that they look at and say "Wow if she can do it so can I" or "I want to do what he did." Giving back keeps you climbing the mountain and it reminds you of how far you have come.
The second chance is not promised to anybody. Utilizing a second opportunity can be example of great accomplishment and can also be a blessing for someone else.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Leader vs Manager

The true difference between a leader and a manager is that you never have to be told that someone is a leader, you just know it. A manager has to be introduced to other people as a manager. Leaders have a way about them that can be easily identified. It's the way they talk confidently and with clarity and and how well they handle people. Managers do what they are suppose to do, manage. They have a job to do and the job will get done. There is no charisma or charm necessary to be a manager just the focus to finish the job. That is why managers who are leaders are so special because they possess the ability to get the job done well and keep everyone satisfied with them and their job.

Let's say you went to your local elementary at noon and walked into the lunch room. It would not take you more than 10 minutes to identify the kids with leadership skills. There was a kid in my 5th grade class that I am sure is a leader right now. He was popular with the popular kids was funny and a great athlete. All the little girls had a crush on him and all the little boys wanted to hang out with him. That isn't what made me realize he was a leader. It was those times I would see him stray away from his pack of followers and drift towards some of the nerds and spend a few moments talking to them and making them laugh and feel good. Whenever our Phys Ed teacher wanted to round us up to go back to class guess who they asked to call everyone in?

Now thats a leader. Someone people will follow because they want to not because they have to.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Finish Line Vision

"The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus."
-Bruce Lee

I wrote an article recently called Everlasting Motivation that was about staying motivated while you are reaching for your goal. I've learned that trying to accomplish something without motivation is painful. Last week I was reviewing my To-Do list for the upcoming weeks and I realized that I have a full schedule of things to do. I started running all of the meetings, all of the blog and article writing and posting, all of the networking, all of the research, all of the everything that I had to do through my head. Have you ever been a work and seen a pile of work staring at you waiting to be done? You know you have to get started on it but it seems so overwhelming that you just sit back and think "man, where do I start?"

That's the way I felt. I have all of these things that aren't going to get done unless I do them. But at the same time I sometimes wonder where to start. Believe it or not I had to go back and read my own article just to get an idea on how to motivate myself to keep going. My problem was that I was focusing on what I had to do not the results of what I was doing. Having finish line vision is having a clear picture of where you want to be, where you want to succeed. It's like a track runner who has a line of hurdles in front of him. As he is sprinting towards the finish line, he is not thinking about how he has to clear that third or fourth hurdle. Instead his goal is to get to the finish line and not let anything stand in his way.

You'd be surprised how the littlest thing can stop us from reaching our finish lines. In our everyday lives we make excuses and find reasons not to do something that we know should be done. I'm beginning to realize that the lack of focus on the result is the main reason we do this. My mission for the next few days will be to focus on the end result and not on the hurdles.

"Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you don't want."
-Hannah Whitall Smith

Monday, September 3, 2007

Making Excuses

When things go wrong in our lives, the easiest thing to do is find someone or something to blame. No matter the circumstance or event most people find an outside reason for their actions, disappointments, and shortcomings. I'm sure you know someone like that. Every little thing that happens in their lives is a big deal and they react like a victim. Whenever I see this I feel like screaming STOP! Get up, get over it, and get on with your life

The road less traveled is the road of accountability. The people who will make the most progress are the ones who can look a trying situation in the face and say "I'm responsible for this". But that is not common in our society today. If you are on drugs blame your parents and environment. Not making enough money, blame your job and the economy. Not happy with who you are, blame your spouse and God.

The faster we can stop making excuses, the sooner we are able to improve our circumstances. Look at your life and everything that you want to gain from it and say to yourself, "what can I do to make this better?" We need to understand that the challenges in our lives are suppose to make us better. They are suppose to help us grow. If something happens in our lives and it seems too hard to fix, making an excuse makes things worse because it makes us weaker and a victim of circumstance. Take a look at your life, take responsibility for your life, and then take action in your life.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Big Mac Turns 40, But Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

From a marketing and money stand point no, from an everything else stand point absolutely yes! The Big Mac taste great. I remember when I was about 11 years old I bet my dad that I could eat four of them. I lost that bet but I had fun losing. This Big Boy Burger inspired sandwich has been around for 40 years and has served as the image of the American burger. But let's be honest, times have changed. We understand that the Big Mac has served McDonald's, well but with our health at stake it may be time for McDonald's to bye bye the Big Mac.

Our health
In August of 2007 The Trust for Americas Health reported that Americans are getting fatter and unhealthier. Mississippi broke 30 percent of adults being considered obese. That's fine for them but how does that effect us who aren't obese? If the trend in unhealthy eating continues then the cost for treating diseases related to obesity will rise. Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure are already on the rise and if more people are being treated for these the effects of health care cost will trickle down to us. The Big Mac and other inexpensive fast foods enable those who are unhealthy to keep being unhealthy. The trend and demand for healthier food is rising so maybe McDonald's should have the Big Mac give up its crown before it is taken from it.

Our Future
Like I mentioned before we are unhealthy and getting unhealthier. Like I also mentioned the trend towards healthy eating is rising. The Department of Education has a list of banned foods for all public schools. Already as of 2008 all full-calorie soft drinks will not be allowed. We understand that we are headed in a bad direction if we do not stop killing ourselves. The cooperations will respond to what we want. If we want the unhealthiest burger on the planet, then they'll provide it regardless if it'll give us a heart attack while we're still eating it. Same is true if we want healthy food.

Yes McDonald's will lose some money if they dump the Big Mac but if you didn't know, Chipolte is owned by McDonald's. This highly popular Mexican food place has nothing but healthy food items including meats that are naturally raised. I don't even like burritos and I go there often. I think Mickey D's will make its money back if they continue to grow this venture. The future is bright for Chipolte and I think the light is dimming for 'ol Mac.

I'll miss the Big Mac if they ever decide to discontinue it but if I ever have a craving I can always go to Big Boy.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Look at the people around you

How often do you think about the people that are around you? Most people do not think about the others who are around them often enough. I went to a local meeting of entrepreneurs today and had a chance to meet some people who have or are hoping to build a better life by being their own boss. I went to see a friend of mine speak and I also thought it would be nice to socialize with new people. I've heard that networking meetings are a waste of time because it is usually made up of people who are trying to sell something to other people who are trying to sell them something. However, since I had nothing to sell there was no pressure to hand out as many business cards as I could. Instead I used the meeting to connect with as many people as I could.

The people around you usually determine how successful you will be. The more successful the people around you are the more successful you can expect to become. I get encouraged by hearing the success stories of others. Today I met many people who had their own dreams and goals and who had a desire to succeed. Who have you met today that encourages you to succeed and be better. You should have at least five people that you can be around or contact that will make you better by just being around them. If you don't, make your goal this week to meet at least one new person that can have that kind of effect on you. The advantages of having people like that around you are endless.

Friday, August 24, 2007

New Post Coming Soon

I'm really excited about the new post that I'm working on for my site. I was reading up on the different types of intelligences and it gave me an idea for the new section. I know what the human mind can do when it is put to the test and I've experienced it first hand. I even think that people can become smarter and more intelligent in 30 days. I'm gathering as much info as possible on this but the ideas and what I have to say from the knowledge that I've learned are unique because I have not found anybody who has clearly mapped out a way to become smarter.

People might think that the idea of being smarter in a month is a gimmick but if you've read anything that I've posted you'd know that gimmicks aren't my thing. Action and work is my thing. I'm not going to layout some simple steps that you can find anywhere. I'm going to delve deep into what it means to be smart and what it take to become smarter. I can't wait until it is finished and I should have it posted by Sept 1st.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Courage and Fear

One of the sections that I'm working on for my site is a section on courage and overcoming fear. I've been reading up on the subject lately and I've gotten some good information but I felt like I needed more. So today I attended a shyness and social anxiety group meeting. When I first saw that the group was meeting up, I RSVP so I could attend. Then it occurred to me that I don't have Social Anxiety Disorder. Actually I love conversing and meeting new people so if I attend there might be a problem. I decided to email the organizer of the group to let him know that I wanted to attend the meeting but I was not a shy person and didn't suffer from the disorder. He reluctantly agreed to allow me to sit in on the meeting as long as I didn't dominate the conversation and try to sell my book or something like that. No problem, I don't have a book to sell.

I expected to show up there and see a group of timid people who were too afraid to look me in the eye. But after sitting and talking to them I admired the way they dealt with there fear. They did not seem to be afraid of social situations at all. While I listened to some of there stories I realized that they all had come from different circumstances that caused them to be shy. They also had different ways of adapting to their condition which enabled them to function socially in the world. But I did learn that the template that they used to tackle their fear is similar to the template of tackling any fear, understand it, attack it, and conquer it. I'm excited about working on the section on courage and fear because I've learned and experienced something new that will add to my knowledge and hopefully help other people.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Making Progress

One of the best feelings in the world is seeing progress for your hard work. An Alexa rating is the rating system that ranks sites by popularity. Well my site jumped 237,000 spots since last week! I've been doing so much work on it lately. Trying to create links to my site, posting on forums, and commenting on blogs. I'm glad to see that I'm making progress but I know that I'm not even close to where I want to be. My next step will be to try to add a new post to my website every week, and post on my blog four times a week. I will also like to write an article for some other success websites out there so that I can get some more exposure. In order for me to keep on going I need to see progress so this is an encouragement for me.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Failure over Fear

"I'd rather visit failure than live with fear."
-Ralph Jean-Paul

Waking up this morning I was thinking about the possibilities of my goals for the year being realized. A mental review of my resolutions have me satisfied with my progress but not content. I then began to wonder if the reason I have not accomplished my other goals was because I was holding back. Am I stopping myself from success because of a lack of focus or even worse, fear? I can not stand the feeling of fear. It has been a villain in my life and I refuse to let it win a battle.
I concluded that if I was holding back because I was preventing myself from failing, then I have a decision to make. Either I try and fail or I don't try and let fear win. Failure is an event, fear is a disease. I'd rather visit failure than live with fear.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Toastmaster advantages

Whenever I tell people that I'm a speaker I usually get one of two reactions. One is a reaction of interest with a comment like "Oh really, what do you speak about?" The other reaction that I get is one of fear and the response I hear is "Ugh, speaking in front of people, I could never do that!" I always come back by telling them that anyone can be a good speaker with help from Toastmasters. Toastmasters International is a communication and leadership organization that is built around public speaking. The purpose is to teach better communication skills to those who want to improve. I joined Toastmasters about 2 years ago because I wanted to practice my speaking skills. Toastmaster International holds some speaking competitions every year that start at the club level and end at the World Championship of Speaking. I did very well in the speaking competitions that I entered and it was a great learning experience. I would say that there are 5 major advantages to becoming a Toastmaster regardless if you are a prolific speaker or if your heart rate quickens at just the thought of speaking in public.

1. ATMOSPHERE- Toastmaster International is about learning. The clubs provide an encouraging environment so that those who are not accustom to speaking can feel at ease. With portions of the meeting like table topics, the meetings are often fun and filled with excitement.

2. CONFIDENCE- Although the organization is built on improving presentation skills, confidence can be built by hosting a meeting, holding a position in a club district or division office, or just being around individuals who want to improve their communication skills and more importantly want you to improve your communication skills as well.

3. PACE- As a member you can choose from a variety of speaking manuals that you want to complete. The manuals have speaking projects in them that you complete at your own pace. I finished my first manual in 6 months but there are some who have been members for years and have not completed their fist manual yet. The good news is there is no time limit or pressure to complete a manual because the objective is to learn at your own pace.

4. MENTORS- If they choose, new members can have a mentor. The mentor is usually a seasoned Toastmaster who will help the newbie with their first projects and answer any questions the new member may have. I think this is a great piece to the Toastmaster experience. And as a mentor, there is nothing greater than seeing someone who was once afraid to speak, stand confidently in front of an audience.

5. LEADERSHIP- It is virtually impossible to become a Toastmaster and not become a better leader. When hosting a meeting you learn how to organize and control an event. As an officer you learn how to make decisions concerning your club or district. As an evaluator you learn how to critic others while encouraging them to be better.

There is so much more to Toastmaster International that in order to understand fully you'll have to attend a meeting. I've meet so many people and learn so much about myself that I think it would be a mistake for people miss out on such a valuable experience.

Visit my site at

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Take the Time

I usually use a part of my Sundays to reflect a little on my life. It is a ritual that I've been doing for about 5 years now. I just got back from a park near Downtown and I took the time to meditate and pray and really think about success and life. Now I feel rejuvenated.

Everything in our society these days is aimed at keeping you moving. Everything is promised to be faster, easier, and more convenient so that nothing stops you from moving. But have you ever wondered why you are moving to begin with? Because you have a Speedpass on the expressway and one of those credit cards that you don't have to swipe, you have an extra 45 seconds to spare right? Most likely you don't. What I'd like you to do this week is to set aside 60-90 mins. I suggest that it is out of the house and away from any distractions. Instead of thinking of what you have to do or what you want to get, I'd like you to think about what you already have and what you've already done. Then start thinking about what you want. Now I don't just mean a car, job, or house. You can start off with that if that is better for you but I'd like you to go deeper than that. Think about the kind of parent you want to be remembered as. Think about how you want others to perceive you. Let your mind wonder and journey to the place in your mind where who you are and who you want to be meet.

The most important part of this is to let go. Do not think about why you can't do something or any failures that you've experienced. Doubt, fear, regret,or anything like that cannot be present. Taking the time to refresh your mind is very beneficial. The more you practice it the more effective it will be. Clarity of your mind can be achieved in a world that tries to cloud your thoughts, but you just have to take the time.

You Are Capable

Now that school is over I've got a lot of time on my hands. I want to stay active so that my mind doesn't get lazy. I plan on writing more articles, going to networking meetings, and promoting Your mind is a sophisticated machine. If you feed it and exercise it it grows. I learned that first hand this summer when I juggled so many things at one time. I think taking 6 classes, working, and building the website all at the same time was one of the best things I ever could have done for myself. The reason is that I forced my to exactly what it is capable of doing.

I mention before that I prepared myself for the semester by organizing my planner so that I would not forget a due date or something I had to do for the site. But for the entire Summer, I did not even look at the planner. Not one time! Our minds are capable of handling what we think it can't. Don't get me wrong, I like planners but I think they come in handy when you are trying to reach long term goals. When we rely on them to handle, store, and basically run our days for us, we are limiting the potential our minds have of doing all of that and more. So now I'm looking at everyday things in my life a little differently. Because the planner was a crutch that made me believe my mind wasn't strong enough to remember every homework, project, and paper due date. As well as the entire 5 Year Preformance Plan that I presented to my department. Along with all of the links I had to fix, advertising programs I had to register for, and writers I had to email.

That makes me wonder what else in my life is a crutch? How else am I limiting my ability? How are you limiting your ability? Is there something in your life that you think you can't do without but is actually limiting your potential? Try doing without caffeine for a while and find other ways to gain energy for your body. Try going without watching TV and find other ways to learn and stay entertained. What you will gain will be much more valuable than what you gave up.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Millionaire Inside. Trust your Instinct

I just finished watching a show on CNBC called The Millionaire Inside. It's a special that they have maybe once a month were they bring in some well known success and financial experts and audience members ask them about how to become successful or rich. It's usually four people and tonight one of my favorite authors Keith Farrazi was one of the four. He is the author of a book called "Never Eat Alone". It's a book about how to network and build relationships in order to be successful. The show was a good boost for me. Many of the things they talked about I already knew but it is good to be reminded about focus and money management every now and then. When I started, I wasn't completely sure what I was doing or why I was building it. By the time I got the domain and started building the site I had to stop myself and say, "wait, why am I doing this again?" I wasn't sure how I would achieve success by doing what I was doing. But one thing I kept saying to myself is that I want to help people. I figured I will be successful by helping others be successful. Well, tonight on Millionaire Inside, Keith Farrazi mentioned that one way to be successful is to help others be successful. I was taken back because he didn't mention that in his book, but it the reason I started my site and the reason I want to speak. What I learned from this is to trust your instinct. Animals have great instincts that help them strive in their habitats. The better their instincts the more they excel. We as humans have instincts also but we have an enormous amount of doubt that goes with it. God gave both humans and animals instincts to trust and use. I trusted my instinct when I started building the site and then my reasoning was confirmed by someone who is where I want to be. Today I learned to lower doubt and believe in my instinct.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Brain Power

I've been working on the pages of the website that will contain most of my works and it's been interesting. As of right now the content on the site have been articles from experts in different fields. Now it is time for me to add my insight and point of view to the site in order to give it a personal touch. I've got a section I'm working on about confidence. While doing a little research, I started to find out more about how the brain works. The brain is the most complex and advanced creation the world has ever seen and probably will ever see. The way it processes information, retains it, and retrieves it is astounding. But I think we take our minds for granted. They say we only use 10% of our brains. That isn't completely true. We use our entire brain but we do not use our full brain potential. The same way you have muscles but do not use all of your muscles all of the time. For today, think about your mind and what you take in it. The amount of brain potential you use is really up to you. You can maximize it or minimize it. You can feed it or starve it. Using the mind that God gave you can be the answer to many of your problems. Your brain was designed to take in information and learn from it in order to work better. That's why they say reading is better than watching TV because you are exercising your brain so it can think faster, better, and more clearly. I experienced this first hand this summer when I was taking 6 classes, working a 40hr job, and building a website. As you work out your muscles grow, has you learn your mind grows.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

True Success

A small plane crashed into a house today in Sanford Fl. 5 people were killed. One of the people that died was a friend of my sister. She did so many positive things in her life it was amazing and she was on fire for God. You might hear me talk about success a lot and some people get the wrong idea of what I'm truly doing. But if my message is not crystal clear let me clarify. When I say success I don't just mean money! Or a good career, nice car, nice house, and on and on. Success is about purpose! What are you hear for? What is your purpose? If you are living right now then there is reason that God put you here. Yes on my website there is a section on business and money but my intention is for you get your life together on route to your purpose. If you need to have money to fulfill your role on the earth then so be it. If you need to strengthen your family before you can help strengthen other families then do it. If your bad habits are preventing you from seeing God's purpose in your life then remove them. That is the real reason I put those sections are on my site.
Listen, you can not die a second before you are suppose to. Your days were numbered before you were even born. It is not about how long you live but what you while you are here. Believe me, those young girls that this lady organized groups for will never forget her and they will pass on their experiences on to their children. What are you doing tomorrow will have a direct effect on the world? People, the goal is to do God's work and leave the world a better place than you found it. If you did then you are successful.
If you are ready to do what you were created to do let me know. Tell me your story

Thursday, July 5, 2007

New Challenge

It looks like things are winding down. There is about 4 weeks left of school and the hardest part of building my website is done. One thing that I have learned in the past few years is that success is addictive. Once you accomplish or become proficient at something, you want to challenge yourself to get that same feeling of winning and conquering. That's how most people do great things. They accomplish little things and then keep climbing. Look, if you want to know who the future millionaires and billionaires are here's a simple test. Walk up to anyone who you want to test and say "Do you know that Bill Gates is now worth almost 60 billion dollars?" The response you'll probably get is "60 billion dollars!!!" But once all that is out of the way, ask them "what would you do if you had that much money?" If the response you get is something like, " man, I would just lounge around all day and do nothing" bet everything you have that that person is not going to be a billionaire. Lounging around doing nothing doesn't get you billions so why would it keep you billions if you had it? It's not that I want to be a billionaire but after all the work that I've put in to everything I've done in the last 8 weeks and all the accomplishments that I've racked up, I can't see myself not doing more. I've tested myself to see how focused, discipline, and resilient I could be and I'm happy with the results. So curiosity is making me wonder how much further I can go. Having said that I am preparing to set myself up for a new challenge that is in the works. It will most likely be starting in the next few days or weeks so that when school is over I can begin my new challenge. I will keep you updated what it is and when I begin

Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Paper From Last Night

I received a 96% on the paper that I worked on last night. It took me about two hours to complete it but when it was done I was satisfied with it. It turns out that I'm one of those people who can work well under pressure. The only real way to know if you can handle any situation is to challenge yourself. If I was not use to challenging myself, there is no way I would have taking this many classes and developed the website at the same time. I know what I have accomplished, I'm confident that I will accomplish the goals that I set, so I set the bar a little higher in order to test my ability. It is to me the only real way to improve myself at everything that I do. If I continually accomplish the same thing then I'm just going around in circles.

Friday, June 15, 2007

My learning continues

My learning continues through this very trying summer. is steadily growing as I add new articles and update almost everyday. Yesterday Yahoo listed it on it's directory. I also submitted an article to and they posted it so now if you search my name on any search engine you will find my article. I decided to write more articles and submit them so I can get more links to my site. I'm still in the process of earning my degree so I constantly have papers or projects due. As a matter of fact, it's 11:40pm and I have a 6 page paper due tomorrow on the book Brunelleschi's Dome. I started it today and will probably be up all night finishing it and another assignment due for another class. The other assignment is one that I have to e-mail to my professor by tomorrow morning. My work has also decided to assign me to a position that will require a lot more of my time and energy. I have not made up my mind as to how I will handle that situation yet. Overall the first half of the summer has been a challenge as I expected it to be. But I've always said that just because something is impossible, doesn't me I can't do it.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

When I first started the summer of discipline I just intended to gain discipline from working 40 hours, taking 6 classes, and managing But now that I am about half way through I've gained some other charateristics that I did not expect.

First my time managment has improved. A few semesters ago I was taking two classes and working and I felt like I had no time for anything. The truth is I had plenty of time, I just wasted much of it without knowing. Having so much to do has forced me to look at my day or week and find time to study or work on a paper.

Second my thinking has improved. I guess using my brain to complete homework, projects, papers, and set backs with the website, has made my mind stronger. Just like working out can make build your muscles, working out your brain can make your mind develop. My thoughts come clearer now and I find solutions to problems at work faster. I've never had this kind of mental challenge before at one time so my mind is stepping it up to meet the challange.

Third my memory and organization have improved. Before I started the semester I sent an e-mail to all of my professors asking them to send me the syllabus for the class. Once I got them I wrote down all of the important dates in my date book. Project due dates and class meeting that kind of thing. I took me an entire Sunday afternoon to do it but I was ready and really relying on the date book to keep me organized. I was going in the trunk of my car yesterday and saw my date book and realized that I hadn't used it once since I started school. Everything that I need to get done for the week I remember as I go. If a teacher assigns an assignment it just sticks I usually don't even need to write it down. My organization skills have also helped me at work and made me more efficient at managing the website.

Fourth my spelling has improved. Don't ask me why.

These are all unexpected benefits to the challenges that I'm facing and I'm looking forward to the other benefits to come

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Making connections online

I'm still contacting different writers around the world asking for articles and offering exposure. I've gotten back a good number of responses and many of them offer to send me more articles than I asked for and that's good also. A few did tell me that I could take whatever article that I wanted from a site where they have them posted. I'll gladly do that but I'm not just in it for the articles. I could go around the net cutting and pasting articles until I have enough to get noticed but I want to do more. By contacting the authors themselves I have an opportunity to build relationships and possible add contacts. One person put a link to my site on her newsletter so that her readers could visit my site. I told her that I would headline her on my page so that people would be more likely to visit her site. This exchange could be beneficial for the both of us and I'm excited about bringing more people into the ring of connections that I am building.

Monday, May 28, 2007

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

I haven't told anybody that I know the full name of my website even though it has been online for almost a week. The reason is that I'm tracking everything I do to see if the marketing techniques can generate traffic. If I tell my friends and family about it, I know that they will visit the site more than once and I'll never really know if what I'm doing is paying off. I checked my web statistics today and I saw that I had about 27 visitors to my site. 7 of them were unique visitors. I'm not really expecting to receive any visitors yet because if nobody knows the site exist, how can they find it. I was reading up on this kind of stuff and I read that the search engines take time to find sites. And just because you have a site and submit it to Yahoo, Google, or MSN, that doesn't grantee that you will be listed. Imagine my surprise when I saw that one of my unique visitors found me from They found me! is not as popular as Google or those other guys but since I only have a few articles and 3 quote pages, I'm just happy that they found me. The fun part about this building a website thing is the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm playing everything by ear and learning along the way. It's exciting to not know exactly what the next step is and then it comes to. For that step three more steps come you; and when you take those three, four come to you and on and on. I have faith that the things I am doing will pay off and the challange of creating new ways to insure success is also a motivator. When its all said and done I know I'll look back at these begining days and say man i can't beileve I did that.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Balancing My Life

They say if you want to accomplish any goal you should write it down. Because when you write your goal down then that means that it is clear in your mind. I think that writing your goals down in also good because it helps you stay focused on your goal. To me staying focused on a goal (especially a long term one) can be a goal within its self. I read recently in a book about how balance in life is important but impossible. The author claimed that even the most successful of people had at least one part of their lives that was a disaster. I guess that is true when you think about it. Many successful people usually have to sacrifice something for that success. But, that's not going to stop me from trying to balance my life. For the next few months I've decided to really focus on what my goals are. I want to be able to see them clearly in my mind. At the same time I want to create a more balanced life so that I am not dedicating all of my time to one part of my life. Friends, relationships, finance, and everything else will get equal importance overall. I know going into this I will sometimes have to choose one over the rest but I think that's a judgement call and I'll have to live with the results.

Potential To Success

I'm still taking six classes this summer and I seem to be handling the amount of work pretty well. On top of all that I've been doing, I am now launching a website called It will have a lot of useful information about success, motivation, and self improvement. They say if you are going to build a website you should choose a topic you love. I love to see people improve their lives. Anytime I come across someone I knew I always like to hear how much they have improved their lives. Just yesterday I ran into someone I haven't seen for about six years. He told me that life is going good and that he is trying to go into public speaking. Since a big part of my self improvement came when I realized how much I loved speaking in public, I was excited to hear that he was also interested. I think hearing about others succeeding motivates me also. I can't wait to get the website off the ground so I can be involved in self improvement around the world.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sometimes in life there are things that you just don't want to do because of how impossible they seem. I've been dragging my way through a full time job while taking classes at college so I can get my degree. Finally, when I realized that I was sabotaging myself and my success by taking a few classes here and there, I decided to go all out in order to finish. Instead of taking the one or two classes like I usually do, I am taking six this summer. Why does this seem impossible? For one reason I am not cutting any of my hours at work. In fact my hours may increase because of the lack of staffing. The second reason is that I'm a ex-procrastinator who sometimes falls back into his old ways. And because I use to chronically put things (especially difficult things) off until a later date, the classes I'm taking are among the hardest that are required. I hate coming up short in anything I do, and I don't plan on just making it through the semester. I want A's and B's. In order for me to make through this grueling summer I have to remove all distractions. Its also going to require an enormous amount of discipline. Because this is going to be a big step toward my goals in the future I will be posting a series of blog tracking my progress. Three months is a long time especially when you are working every second of it. Class starts May 7 2007. later

Monday, April 2, 2007

Dimples a Defect?

What is it about dimples that people love? There's something about a person with those slight or deep creases on the cheek that makes them more attractive. I was having conversation with a co-worker (who happens to sports a pair of those cheek accents herself) when she told me that a medical professional told her that dimples aren't necessarily inherited. Dimples are sometimes a form of defect in the tissue of the face similar to cellulite. I'm no doctor, but that sounds crazy to me. I searched for some information on the topic to see if i could find something to confirm what she had been told. I couldn't find anything but it made me think, what if dimples were a defect of some sort? I mean in every picture of a cute baby or a perfect smile usually includes some kind of slight indent in the cheek. This would really bring to light the fact that everything that we come across in life is really about perception. We are quick to look at something that happens to us in life and think that since its suppose to be a bad thing, then it must be a bad thing. You lose your job, or girlfriend or boyfriend, or fall on hard times and its the end of the world. But if you perceive them as that, then it may very well be the end. What if dimples are defects? It doesn't change the fact that they are attractive unless you look at them as defects. The next time something that "terrible" happens in your life, think of the person you know with dimples and remember that beauty can come from what is suppose to be defective.