Saturday, July 28, 2007

Millionaire Inside. Trust your Instinct

I just finished watching a show on CNBC called The Millionaire Inside. It's a special that they have maybe once a month were they bring in some well known success and financial experts and audience members ask them about how to become successful or rich. It's usually four people and tonight one of my favorite authors Keith Farrazi was one of the four. He is the author of a book called "Never Eat Alone". It's a book about how to network and build relationships in order to be successful. The show was a good boost for me. Many of the things they talked about I already knew but it is good to be reminded about focus and money management every now and then. When I started, I wasn't completely sure what I was doing or why I was building it. By the time I got the domain and started building the site I had to stop myself and say, "wait, why am I doing this again?" I wasn't sure how I would achieve success by doing what I was doing. But one thing I kept saying to myself is that I want to help people. I figured I will be successful by helping others be successful. Well, tonight on Millionaire Inside, Keith Farrazi mentioned that one way to be successful is to help others be successful. I was taken back because he didn't mention that in his book, but it the reason I started my site and the reason I want to speak. What I learned from this is to trust your instinct. Animals have great instincts that help them strive in their habitats. The better their instincts the more they excel. We as humans have instincts also but we have an enormous amount of doubt that goes with it. God gave both humans and animals instincts to trust and use. I trusted my instinct when I started building the site and then my reasoning was confirmed by someone who is where I want to be. Today I learned to lower doubt and believe in my instinct.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Brain Power

I've been working on the pages of the website that will contain most of my works and it's been interesting. As of right now the content on the site have been articles from experts in different fields. Now it is time for me to add my insight and point of view to the site in order to give it a personal touch. I've got a section I'm working on about confidence. While doing a little research, I started to find out more about how the brain works. The brain is the most complex and advanced creation the world has ever seen and probably will ever see. The way it processes information, retains it, and retrieves it is astounding. But I think we take our minds for granted. They say we only use 10% of our brains. That isn't completely true. We use our entire brain but we do not use our full brain potential. The same way you have muscles but do not use all of your muscles all of the time. For today, think about your mind and what you take in it. The amount of brain potential you use is really up to you. You can maximize it or minimize it. You can feed it or starve it. Using the mind that God gave you can be the answer to many of your problems. Your brain was designed to take in information and learn from it in order to work better. That's why they say reading is better than watching TV because you are exercising your brain so it can think faster, better, and more clearly. I experienced this first hand this summer when I was taking 6 classes, working a 40hr job, and building a website. As you work out your muscles grow, has you learn your mind grows.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

True Success

A small plane crashed into a house today in Sanford Fl. 5 people were killed. One of the people that died was a friend of my sister. She did so many positive things in her life it was amazing and she was on fire for God. You might hear me talk about success a lot and some people get the wrong idea of what I'm truly doing. But if my message is not crystal clear let me clarify. When I say success I don't just mean money! Or a good career, nice car, nice house, and on and on. Success is about purpose! What are you hear for? What is your purpose? If you are living right now then there is reason that God put you here. Yes on my website there is a section on business and money but my intention is for you get your life together on route to your purpose. If you need to have money to fulfill your role on the earth then so be it. If you need to strengthen your family before you can help strengthen other families then do it. If your bad habits are preventing you from seeing God's purpose in your life then remove them. That is the real reason I put those sections are on my site.
Listen, you can not die a second before you are suppose to. Your days were numbered before you were even born. It is not about how long you live but what you while you are here. Believe me, those young girls that this lady organized groups for will never forget her and they will pass on their experiences on to their children. What are you doing tomorrow will have a direct effect on the world? People, the goal is to do God's work and leave the world a better place than you found it. If you did then you are successful.
If you are ready to do what you were created to do let me know. Tell me your story

Thursday, July 5, 2007

New Challenge

It looks like things are winding down. There is about 4 weeks left of school and the hardest part of building my website is done. One thing that I have learned in the past few years is that success is addictive. Once you accomplish or become proficient at something, you want to challenge yourself to get that same feeling of winning and conquering. That's how most people do great things. They accomplish little things and then keep climbing. Look, if you want to know who the future millionaires and billionaires are here's a simple test. Walk up to anyone who you want to test and say "Do you know that Bill Gates is now worth almost 60 billion dollars?" The response you'll probably get is "60 billion dollars!!!" But once all that is out of the way, ask them "what would you do if you had that much money?" If the response you get is something like, " man, I would just lounge around all day and do nothing" bet everything you have that that person is not going to be a billionaire. Lounging around doing nothing doesn't get you billions so why would it keep you billions if you had it? It's not that I want to be a billionaire but after all the work that I've put in to everything I've done in the last 8 weeks and all the accomplishments that I've racked up, I can't see myself not doing more. I've tested myself to see how focused, discipline, and resilient I could be and I'm happy with the results. So curiosity is making me wonder how much further I can go. Having said that I am preparing to set myself up for a new challenge that is in the works. It will most likely be starting in the next few days or weeks so that when school is over I can begin my new challenge. I will keep you updated what it is and when I begin