Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Confidence Challenge

Confidence is a transferrable characteristic. Having self-confidence is a great feeling. That is why so many people want it. It gives you a sense that you can do it all without fail. The projection of confidence comes with an added side effect. It causes others to increase the confidence they have in you.

A friend asked me recently if I could give a presentation for a group of high school students. The person she originally asked to do it cancelled last minute and she was stuck. I told her I’d move some things around so I could be free. The problem was the talk was a day away and she neglected to tell me what I was suppose to be presenting to these students.

The morning of the presentation I met her in the parking lot of the school and she laid out for me the program and the topic of the day’s events. I said to here, “I don’t have a speech prepared but I know a little about this so I should be able to fill 45 minutes.”
She said, “Oh I know you will. You’re so confident. They are going to love you.”

Just because I projected confidence in my ability to speak spur of the moment, she became confident in my ability to speak spur of the moment.

That made me ponder confidence and it’s power. The thing is, even if a person isn’t confident, they could reap the benefits of confidence if they project it.

My Challenge to you
This month increase you confidence projection. Find something that you do well and increase your confidence in it so that others around you will have confidence in you.

Advance challenge
So you already project confidence huh? Well, this month find something that you are not so good at and project confidences in that until people believe in your ability to do it.
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