Thursday, October 4, 2007

Money Matters

When they show an image of a stack of 100 dollar bills with "Win $25,000" under it, it grabs people's attention. But is it the stack of newly printed bills that people are intrigued by? Or is it what that stack represents? The thoughts that go through our heads are thoughts of what we would do with all that money. I can remember when we were young and we use to play Monopoly. When those brightly colored fake bills circulated around the group, without fail, there was always one person that would say "man if this money was real I would....". Money is a means to whatever life someone wants to live. Money can create cars, houses, clothes, and girls for most people. It can also create lies, cheaters, thieves and war. Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Roosevelt, and Benjamin have no power of their own; in the right or wrong hands, money means the world.

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