Saturday, September 29, 2007

If it bleeds, it leads: Why does "drama" sell?

We've all watched Jerry Springer and Maury Polvich before and said, "she is so stupid; how could she not know who the father is?" or "Why is she staying with him after he did that?" Whether it relates to our lives or not we are drawn to drama. The type of drama that we are attracted to tells us a lot about our own lives.

Some people use drama as an escape from their lives. They see their own everyday life as unexciting and use the happening of others as their dose of drama. Other people can not live without drama. They grew up around it at home, took it with them to school, and haul it into their relationships. I knew a girl that was determined to have drama in her life whether she wanted it or not. If things in her life were going to well, she would always act out in some way and that would eventually cause drama or a conflict.

Then there are the folks who use other people's misfortunes to make their lives seem better. The idea is if I watch someone else's messed up life on TV, then my life isn't so bad. The worse the situation the easier it is to say, "man, his life is a train wreck. I couldn't live my life like that." Yeah, you probably couldn't so it's easier to watch.

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