Friday, June 15, 2007

My learning continues

My learning continues through this very trying summer. is steadily growing as I add new articles and update almost everyday. Yesterday Yahoo listed it on it's directory. I also submitted an article to and they posted it so now if you search my name on any search engine you will find my article. I decided to write more articles and submit them so I can get more links to my site. I'm still in the process of earning my degree so I constantly have papers or projects due. As a matter of fact, it's 11:40pm and I have a 6 page paper due tomorrow on the book Brunelleschi's Dome. I started it today and will probably be up all night finishing it and another assignment due for another class. The other assignment is one that I have to e-mail to my professor by tomorrow morning. My work has also decided to assign me to a position that will require a lot more of my time and energy. I have not made up my mind as to how I will handle that situation yet. Overall the first half of the summer has been a challenge as I expected it to be. But I've always said that just because something is impossible, doesn't me I can't do it.

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