Sunday, June 10, 2007

When I first started the summer of discipline I just intended to gain discipline from working 40 hours, taking 6 classes, and managing But now that I am about half way through I've gained some other charateristics that I did not expect.

First my time managment has improved. A few semesters ago I was taking two classes and working and I felt like I had no time for anything. The truth is I had plenty of time, I just wasted much of it without knowing. Having so much to do has forced me to look at my day or week and find time to study or work on a paper.

Second my thinking has improved. I guess using my brain to complete homework, projects, papers, and set backs with the website, has made my mind stronger. Just like working out can make build your muscles, working out your brain can make your mind develop. My thoughts come clearer now and I find solutions to problems at work faster. I've never had this kind of mental challenge before at one time so my mind is stepping it up to meet the challange.

Third my memory and organization have improved. Before I started the semester I sent an e-mail to all of my professors asking them to send me the syllabus for the class. Once I got them I wrote down all of the important dates in my date book. Project due dates and class meeting that kind of thing. I took me an entire Sunday afternoon to do it but I was ready and really relying on the date book to keep me organized. I was going in the trunk of my car yesterday and saw my date book and realized that I hadn't used it once since I started school. Everything that I need to get done for the week I remember as I go. If a teacher assigns an assignment it just sticks I usually don't even need to write it down. My organization skills have also helped me at work and made me more efficient at managing the website.

Fourth my spelling has improved. Don't ask me why.

These are all unexpected benefits to the challenges that I'm facing and I'm looking forward to the other benefits to come

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