Sunday, May 27, 2007

Balancing My Life

They say if you want to accomplish any goal you should write it down. Because when you write your goal down then that means that it is clear in your mind. I think that writing your goals down in also good because it helps you stay focused on your goal. To me staying focused on a goal (especially a long term one) can be a goal within its self. I read recently in a book about how balance in life is important but impossible. The author claimed that even the most successful of people had at least one part of their lives that was a disaster. I guess that is true when you think about it. Many successful people usually have to sacrifice something for that success. But, that's not going to stop me from trying to balance my life. For the next few months I've decided to really focus on what my goals are. I want to be able to see them clearly in my mind. At the same time I want to create a more balanced life so that I am not dedicating all of my time to one part of my life. Friends, relationships, finance, and everything else will get equal importance overall. I know going into this I will sometimes have to choose one over the rest but I think that's a judgement call and I'll have to live with the results.

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