Thursday, May 31, 2007

Making connections online

I'm still contacting different writers around the world asking for articles and offering exposure. I've gotten back a good number of responses and many of them offer to send me more articles than I asked for and that's good also. A few did tell me that I could take whatever article that I wanted from a site where they have them posted. I'll gladly do that but I'm not just in it for the articles. I could go around the net cutting and pasting articles until I have enough to get noticed but I want to do more. By contacting the authors themselves I have an opportunity to build relationships and possible add contacts. One person put a link to my site on her newsletter so that her readers could visit my site. I told her that I would headline her on my page so that people would be more likely to visit her site. This exchange could be beneficial for the both of us and I'm excited about bringing more people into the ring of connections that I am building.

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