Sunday, May 27, 2007

Potential To Success

I'm still taking six classes this summer and I seem to be handling the amount of work pretty well. On top of all that I've been doing, I am now launching a website called It will have a lot of useful information about success, motivation, and self improvement. They say if you are going to build a website you should choose a topic you love. I love to see people improve their lives. Anytime I come across someone I knew I always like to hear how much they have improved their lives. Just yesterday I ran into someone I haven't seen for about six years. He told me that life is going good and that he is trying to go into public speaking. Since a big part of my self improvement came when I realized how much I loved speaking in public, I was excited to hear that he was also interested. I think hearing about others succeeding motivates me also. I can't wait to get the website off the ground so I can be involved in self improvement around the world.

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