Saturday, July 28, 2007

Millionaire Inside. Trust your Instinct

I just finished watching a show on CNBC called The Millionaire Inside. It's a special that they have maybe once a month were they bring in some well known success and financial experts and audience members ask them about how to become successful or rich. It's usually four people and tonight one of my favorite authors Keith Farrazi was one of the four. He is the author of a book called "Never Eat Alone". It's a book about how to network and build relationships in order to be successful. The show was a good boost for me. Many of the things they talked about I already knew but it is good to be reminded about focus and money management every now and then. When I started, I wasn't completely sure what I was doing or why I was building it. By the time I got the domain and started building the site I had to stop myself and say, "wait, why am I doing this again?" I wasn't sure how I would achieve success by doing what I was doing. But one thing I kept saying to myself is that I want to help people. I figured I will be successful by helping others be successful. Well, tonight on Millionaire Inside, Keith Farrazi mentioned that one way to be successful is to help others be successful. I was taken back because he didn't mention that in his book, but it the reason I started my site and the reason I want to speak. What I learned from this is to trust your instinct. Animals have great instincts that help them strive in their habitats. The better their instincts the more they excel. We as humans have instincts also but we have an enormous amount of doubt that goes with it. God gave both humans and animals instincts to trust and use. I trusted my instinct when I started building the site and then my reasoning was confirmed by someone who is where I want to be. Today I learned to lower doubt and believe in my instinct.

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