Tuesday, July 10, 2007

True Success

A small plane crashed into a house today in Sanford Fl. 5 people were killed. One of the people that died was a friend of my sister. She did so many positive things in her life it was amazing and she was on fire for God. You might hear me talk about success a lot and some people get the wrong idea of what I'm truly doing. But if my message is not crystal clear let me clarify. When I say success I don't just mean money! Or a good career, nice car, nice house, and on and on. Success is about purpose! What are you hear for? What is your purpose? If you are living right now then there is reason that God put you here. Yes on my website there is a section on business and money but my intention is for you get your life together on route to your purpose. If you need to have money to fulfill your role on the earth then so be it. If you need to strengthen your family before you can help strengthen other families then do it. If your bad habits are preventing you from seeing God's purpose in your life then remove them. That is the real reason I put those sections are on my site.
Listen, you can not die a second before you are suppose to. Your days were numbered before you were even born. It is not about how long you live but what you while you are here. Believe me, those young girls that this lady organized groups for will never forget her and they will pass on their experiences on to their children. What are you doing tomorrow will have a direct effect on the world? People, the goal is to do God's work and leave the world a better place than you found it. If you did then you are successful.
If you are ready to do what you were created to do let me know. Tell me your story
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