Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Brain Power

I've been working on the pages of the website that will contain most of my works and it's been interesting. As of right now the content on the site have been articles from experts in different fields. Now it is time for me to add my insight and point of view to the site in order to give it a personal touch. I've got a section I'm working on about confidence. While doing a little research, I started to find out more about how the brain works. The brain is the most complex and advanced creation the world has ever seen and probably will ever see. The way it processes information, retains it, and retrieves it is astounding. But I think we take our minds for granted. They say we only use 10% of our brains. That isn't completely true. We use our entire brain but we do not use our full brain potential. The same way you have muscles but do not use all of your muscles all of the time. For today, think about your mind and what you take in it. The amount of brain potential you use is really up to you. You can maximize it or minimize it. You can feed it or starve it. Using the mind that God gave you can be the answer to many of your problems. Your brain was designed to take in information and learn from it in order to work better. That's why they say reading is better than watching TV because you are exercising your brain so it can think faster, better, and more clearly. I experienced this first hand this summer when I was taking 6 classes, working a 40hr job, and building a website. As you work out your muscles grow, has you learn your mind grows.


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