Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Leader vs Manager

The true difference between a leader and a manager is that you never have to be told that someone is a leader, you just know it. A manager has to be introduced to other people as a manager. Leaders have a way about them that can be easily identified. It's the way they talk confidently and with clarity and and how well they handle people. Managers do what they are suppose to do, manage. They have a job to do and the job will get done. There is no charisma or charm necessary to be a manager just the focus to finish the job. That is why managers who are leaders are so special because they possess the ability to get the job done well and keep everyone satisfied with them and their job.

Let's say you went to your local elementary at noon and walked into the lunch room. It would not take you more than 10 minutes to identify the kids with leadership skills. There was a kid in my 5th grade class that I am sure is a leader right now. He was popular with the popular kids was funny and a great athlete. All the little girls had a crush on him and all the little boys wanted to hang out with him. That isn't what made me realize he was a leader. It was those times I would see him stray away from his pack of followers and drift towards some of the nerds and spend a few moments talking to them and making them laugh and feel good. Whenever our Phys Ed teacher wanted to round us up to go back to class guess who they asked to call everyone in?

Now thats a leader. Someone people will follow because they want to not because they have to.

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