Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What I learned on my vacation

I just had a week vacation and I feel like a new man. I really am the type to use every experience and a learning opportunity. Although I decided not to go far, I used the time I had to get away from my old routine of working late on articles, updates, and links and fell into a habit of trying new things, connecting with old friends and meeting new people. Here are some things that I learned on my vacation.

College Football is better than the NFL
The last two weekend afternoons of my vacation were spent watching a ton of football. I’m a big college basketball fan but when it comes to football I’ve always preferred the NFL. Not anymore. I’ve been to a number of college football games and the excitement is great but on TV I’ve always liked the fact that the NFL had personalities and stories that a fan could tie into their viewing. It wasn’t until this past week that I realized how much I liked the college stories and history more than the pro’s. The Notre Dame losing streak interest me more than the Patriots cheating scandal (mostly because I don’t like Notre Dame). Now I here that the NFL is saying the cheerleaders are a distraction. That’s not good marketing NFL.

I need to update my wardrobe twice a year
I never go on shopping sprees. If I’m in a store and I like a shirt I’ll buy it. Earlier this year I bought a number of dress and polo shirts that I liked. After I packed I felt that I made some good selections on the outfits that I picked out to take with me. But when I got to the suite I realized that my taste in clothes has already changed. I made plans to hang out with some friends on Monday night and remember looking in the mirror with confusion thinking “is there something wrong with this mirror?” Then I realized that it wasn’t the mirror it was me. The dress shirts were fine but I no longer liked the polo shirts fits or their designs. I believe in presenting yourself how you want others to perceive you so in order to send the right message I need to make sure I feel good in the clothes that I have on.

Weight gain sneaks up on me
I knew my diet wasn’t that good the past two weeks but I didn’t see any change in my weight until a few days ago. I skipped my weekly workout routine during my vacation but I’m back on it starting today (maybe tomorrow).

O.J. Simpson is an idiot
Are you serious, O.J.?

I haven’t lost sight of my goals and now I have new ones I want to accomplish (plus I gotta lose this vacation weight). Some time off did me some good and now I’m ready to finish the year strong.


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