Thursday, August 30, 2007

Big Mac Turns 40, But Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

From a marketing and money stand point no, from an everything else stand point absolutely yes! The Big Mac taste great. I remember when I was about 11 years old I bet my dad that I could eat four of them. I lost that bet but I had fun losing. This Big Boy Burger inspired sandwich has been around for 40 years and has served as the image of the American burger. But let's be honest, times have changed. We understand that the Big Mac has served McDonald's, well but with our health at stake it may be time for McDonald's to bye bye the Big Mac.

Our health
In August of 2007 The Trust for Americas Health reported that Americans are getting fatter and unhealthier. Mississippi broke 30 percent of adults being considered obese. That's fine for them but how does that effect us who aren't obese? If the trend in unhealthy eating continues then the cost for treating diseases related to obesity will rise. Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure are already on the rise and if more people are being treated for these the effects of health care cost will trickle down to us. The Big Mac and other inexpensive fast foods enable those who are unhealthy to keep being unhealthy. The trend and demand for healthier food is rising so maybe McDonald's should have the Big Mac give up its crown before it is taken from it.

Our Future
Like I mentioned before we are unhealthy and getting unhealthier. Like I also mentioned the trend towards healthy eating is rising. The Department of Education has a list of banned foods for all public schools. Already as of 2008 all full-calorie soft drinks will not be allowed. We understand that we are headed in a bad direction if we do not stop killing ourselves. The cooperations will respond to what we want. If we want the unhealthiest burger on the planet, then they'll provide it regardless if it'll give us a heart attack while we're still eating it. Same is true if we want healthy food.

Yes McDonald's will lose some money if they dump the Big Mac but if you didn't know, Chipolte is owned by McDonald's. This highly popular Mexican food place has nothing but healthy food items including meats that are naturally raised. I don't even like burritos and I go there often. I think Mickey D's will make its money back if they continue to grow this venture. The future is bright for Chipolte and I think the light is dimming for 'ol Mac.

I'll miss the Big Mac if they ever decide to discontinue it but if I ever have a craving I can always go to Big Boy.

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