Sunday, August 19, 2007

Courage and Fear

One of the sections that I'm working on for my site is a section on courage and overcoming fear. I've been reading up on the subject lately and I've gotten some good information but I felt like I needed more. So today I attended a shyness and social anxiety group meeting. When I first saw that the group was meeting up, I RSVP so I could attend. Then it occurred to me that I don't have Social Anxiety Disorder. Actually I love conversing and meeting new people so if I attend there might be a problem. I decided to email the organizer of the group to let him know that I wanted to attend the meeting but I was not a shy person and didn't suffer from the disorder. He reluctantly agreed to allow me to sit in on the meeting as long as I didn't dominate the conversation and try to sell my book or something like that. No problem, I don't have a book to sell.

I expected to show up there and see a group of timid people who were too afraid to look me in the eye. But after sitting and talking to them I admired the way they dealt with there fear. They did not seem to be afraid of social situations at all. While I listened to some of there stories I realized that they all had come from different circumstances that caused them to be shy. They also had different ways of adapting to their condition which enabled them to function socially in the world. But I did learn that the template that they used to tackle their fear is similar to the template of tackling any fear, understand it, attack it, and conquer it. I'm excited about working on the section on courage and fear because I've learned and experienced something new that will add to my knowledge and hopefully help other people.

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