Monday, August 13, 2007

Failure over Fear

"I'd rather visit failure than live with fear."
-Ralph Jean-Paul

Waking up this morning I was thinking about the possibilities of my goals for the year being realized. A mental review of my resolutions have me satisfied with my progress but not content. I then began to wonder if the reason I have not accomplished my other goals was because I was holding back. Am I stopping myself from success because of a lack of focus or even worse, fear? I can not stand the feeling of fear. It has been a villain in my life and I refuse to let it win a battle.
I concluded that if I was holding back because I was preventing myself from failing, then I have a decision to make. Either I try and fail or I don't try and let fear win. Failure is an event, fear is a disease. I'd rather visit failure than live with fear.

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