Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Look at the people around you

How often do you think about the people that are around you? Most people do not think about the others who are around them often enough. I went to a local meeting of entrepreneurs today and had a chance to meet some people who have or are hoping to build a better life by being their own boss. I went to see a friend of mine speak and I also thought it would be nice to socialize with new people. I've heard that networking meetings are a waste of time because it is usually made up of people who are trying to sell something to other people who are trying to sell them something. However, since I had nothing to sell there was no pressure to hand out as many business cards as I could. Instead I used the meeting to connect with as many people as I could.

The people around you usually determine how successful you will be. The more successful the people around you are the more successful you can expect to become. I get encouraged by hearing the success stories of others. Today I met many people who had their own dreams and goals and who had a desire to succeed. Who have you met today that encourages you to succeed and be better. You should have at least five people that you can be around or contact that will make you better by just being around them. If you don't, make your goal this week to meet at least one new person that can have that kind of effect on you. The advantages of having people like that around you are endless.

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